Managing Director - Head of Asset Management & Loan Servicing

Mr. Antonelli oversees the Miami-based Commercial Loan Servicing and Asset Management platforms for 3650 REIT and its affiliate Grass River Property and brings 15 years of commercial real estate, loan asset management and loan servicing experience. Mr. Antonelli has been with the firm since 2014 and during his tenure he and his team have managed over $3.5 billion in commercial real estate loans and real estate investments across all geographies and asset types, with diverse and complex capital and investment structures and related operational and administration responsibilities.

Prior to 3650, Dan was a Senior Portfolio Manager for LNR Partners, where he directed a team of asset managers and analysts and was responsible for the day-to-day management and strategy of multiple whole loan and securitized CMBS loan portfolios with total assets under management in excess of $5 billion. Previously, Mr. Antonelli also oversaw acquisitions, dispositions and asset management for a Miami-based private-equity firm that acquired and managed over $1.5 billion in commercial real estate assets.

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